For Office & Home - 'Ayatan' Vastu Enhancer Oils

Rs. 2,403

‘Ayatan’ brings back the energies through Hawan at your place - home or office. ‘Ayatan’ contains 5 blends of 10ml each. They are Water, Fire, Earth, Air, and Space. These are used in different premises - be it your home, office, shop, malls, hospitals, educational centres, and others. The diffusion of the blends can be made through Diffusers, Humidifiers, Nebulizers, and Reeds.

The sophisticated blends with 100% pure essential oils are used worldwide. These Rare Essence Diffusers are made from these essential oils to keep the environment organically cleansed and energized.

‘Ayatan’ is the tradition that we aim to revitalize into our homes or other premises, which the majority of us have forgotten to follow after Hawan or other Holy Rituals. Therefore, with the presence of organic and innocuous essential oil diffusers, you all can now have Hawan once in a while without the fear of smog, pollution, or any suffocation.

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