Rs. 1,540

ORA is tailor-made because no one person is the same we all are made of numerous combinations of planets and tattvas that differentiate us from one another.

 ORA special blend is prepared by Dr.Kunwar Sawhney by looking into a person’s unique date of birth; it helps ascertain the positive and depleted planets. Powerful planets that are Exalted are maintained as well as weak planets are energized which creates a unique blend for individual persons.

Choose as per your birthdate: 
Eg. 7.08.1976 you should ask for ORA no.7 

  • ORA no.1 to ORA no.9 
  • Male 
  • Female
  • Kid

 ORA is your unique energy source after which you do not need to weak any Ring, Crystal, Yantras, Pendant, etc

 To create an aura blend following aspects are paid attention:

  1. Astrology`s Planet Energy Synergy
  2. Ayurveda`s Tridosh (Vaat, Pitt, Kaph,) body type
  3. Yoga`s Kundalini Chakra Theory

 Essential oils are the best source and Dr.Kunwar Sawhney has a long experience with Essential oils and their holistic properties that he uses in balancing Vastu as well as Individuals.

 ORA blend is created using the purest essential oils in Career oil (Olive, Almond, Coconut) as a requirement.

Direction for use

Twice daily is recommended to maintain Day & Night balance

 Method to use: Career oil-based ORA is used through

  • Smelling (Cupping method)
  • Navel Button Application 2 drops
  • Massage (head or body) Diluted in Olive, Almond Oil

 Who can use: ORA blends are prepared using the purest essential oils and can be used by any age that is taken care of while preparing your special blend.

 Attention: You need to specifically mention in case of pregnant ladies, Blood pressure, and asthmatic patients to add that extra benefit.

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