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About the Book:

Aroma Vastu uses the Energy (Telluric, Structural, Cosmic, Potential, Thermal & Kinetic) from natural essential oils that are extracted from Root, Bark, Stem, Leaves, Fruit, and Flowers. The outcome is potent oil that contains healing properties of particular part of the plant Root, Bark, Stem, Leaves, Fruit, and Flowers.


When used essential oils in a favourable state, essential oils can correct all forms of vastu imbalances with perfection which last for years to come.


This book is a compilation of my experiments with traditional principles, new remedies as well as use of essential oils. I am stating what is practical as well as logical to ancient methods and new age technologies, most important objective is to achieve desire results or allow comfort to problematic situation suffered by families.


About the Author:

Kunwar Sawhney has a seasoned background in Traditional Vastu, Numerology, Ayurved, Essential oils and deep into the study of Dowsing, Geo Biology, and Electromagnetic energy. Having theoretical knowledge of subject, but is a firm believer of practical application of theories and is a routine vastu consultant and has been applying his theoretical experiments on projects with successful results.

 Other than Aroma Vastu he also founded a plant-based building energy remedy course and coined the term VASTU BOTANICS.

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