Evil Eye protection spray

Rs. 459
Evil Eye protection spray

Black magic is the use of magic or supernatural powers for evil or selfish purposes.

Feeling of fear, insecurity, instability, paranoia, or an inability to love is due to weak Aura. But you can heal on your own.

How to use:
Use twice daily
One spray on floor, corner of each room, increase number of sprays for stronger and long-lasting effect. You can also spray it around yourself or your space, visualizing a protective barrier forming around you. You can also spray it on objects or surfaces that you want to protect.

Evil Eye protection Spray helps create an aura shield and protection, making you stronger day by day of its use, you get a feeling of strength, stability, and financial security.

Spray energizes all 9 planets, especially Mangal/Mars because it is supported planet for Mooldhara chakra specially Yam devata padd in Vastu PaddViniyas ie: 180 degrees south direction.

Special research product compatible with remedies of Vastu, Radiesthesia, Astrology, Reiki, Aura Scanning etc.

• Creates protection shield
• Fights Negative energies
• Strengthens aura of building
• Energizes all directions

A person with good root chakra has a sense of safety, he is spiritually deep-rooted and attracts potential support in his life.

Note: If you are experiencing serious negative energy or spiritual attacks. It is always recommended to consult with a spiritual practitioner or healer.

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