Rs. 459

Relationship spray is specially designed to promote harmony, love, and positive energy within relationships.

Relationship spray is made with Frankincense, Clary sage and lavender essential oils. These ingredients have properties that help understanding, attract love, promote emotional healing, and create a peaceful and loving atmosphere between couple/family members.

• Creates protection shield
• Fights Negative energies
• Strengthens aura of building
• Energizes all directions

How to use:
Use twice daily
One spray on floor, corner of each room, increase number of sprays for stronger and long-lasting effect. To use a relationship spray, you can mist it around yourself and your partner, or spray it in your bedroom to create a harmonious and loving environment.

You can also use it during moments of tension or conflict to help diffuse negative energy and promote understanding and compassion.

Serious effects in relationship have been seen whenever in a building ESE (East of south east) and/or SW (South west) directions create imbalance on Brishh & Pittru devata padd in Vastu PaddViniyas ie: 108 & 225 degrees respectively.

Special research product compatible with remedies of Vastu, Radiesthesia, Astrology, Reiki, Aura Scanning etc.

Spray works on all 9 planets, especially Shukra/Venus & Rahu because both are supportive planets for Manipura & Mooldhara chakras.

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