Diseases - Explored from the POV of Vastu

Ahaar - Vihar - Vichaar is a Vedic terminology used to address right diet, right surrounding and right thought are methods a human can practice to experience a blissful life style. A wrong diet can lead your life to risk and no medicine would be helpful to bring back original vitality that the person expects. On the other hand surrounding effects your all 5 sense organs at the same time ie ears, skin, tongue, eyes, nose. In case surrounding is pure such as in mountains with pure air, water & sunshine your body will grow multifold and you gain mental physical and spiritual gains, in short the experience would be a holistic gain.

But if surrounding is not very good such as a slum area with lack of drainage, stinking air, no sunlight you may feel uncomfortable. Lack of proper drainage will cause water contamination that will lead to reducing energies of moon in your body as natural source is disturbed. Stinking air or foul smell is caused by presence of Methane and ammonia that reduces oxygen particles in air, Oxygen is categorized under Jupiter and scarcity of oxygen will result in depletion of energies of Jupiter in your body and thus the person may have good planetary positioning in his astrology charts but that all will be wasted and unutilized due to bad effects in surroundings.

Above all if a person is not getting proper sunlight he would be at highest risk as sun is the major source of universal existence in occult sun is source of all vegetation and rainfall all zodiacs and planets are mere representative of sun. In case of lack of proper sunlight  you body may experience lack of vitality, social connections, favours from boss and most important a happy married life is disturbed. Depletion o sun also results in depression and anxiety issues.

Vastu shastra looks life of human need s to be Health, Money, Carrier, relationships; we cannot categorize any one aspect under a specific planet or element. It is a cumulative contribution of all planets and elements to a certain issue, such as Health being most important is ruled by Shukra /Venus and also money is generally taken under Laxmi or Venus and direction allotted is135 degrees SE. SE is off course responsible for money/cash but it is only limited to revenue generation or cash flow but stability and savings come under reign of Rahu that is positioned at 225 degrees SW. 

Each and every direction in vastu mandal is responsible for a specific frequency that fulfills a certain section of energy required for life in abundance. Diabetes, Blood pressure, Liver, Skin issues are some of common disease of these times caused due to deficiency of vitamins and minerals. Several patients male vs female are suffering from the feeling of Loneliness and unintentionally they land themselves into isolation and their house or bedroom becomes the place to compromise with Sick building syndrome. In 1983, the world health organization (WHO) used the term “Sick Building Syndrome” for the first time to describe situations in which building occupants experience acute health and comfort effects that appear to be linked to the time spent in a building, but no specific illness or cause can be identified 

Its high time now to realize the impact of a well planned vastu that connects us to the nature where all vitamins and minerals are present in sufficient supply in nature may it be potassium, calcium, B complex, iodine, magnesium as thus a proper vastu acts as a vaccine to people with weak planets and is no doubt a life source of their existence.


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