Depression and its links to Vastu

Depression can be hereditary  and some members will be at high genetic risk. But having a one of parents or very close relative with depression will not mean you will get it by default or get the same experience. Vastu imbalance and kundali or personal horoscope are still likely to have an important influence of depression or anxiety.

Vastu shastra has several Grids and chambers that divide a property into several fractions and individual grid has a specific utility. They are called as Vastu padviniyas with several chambers defined as bedroom, Kitchen, Guest room, armory, study/prayer room and so Kop Bhawan – Rodan greh also has been mentioned in a particular direction.

Vastu padviniyas positions each and every one of 45 Devata & Asur in their respective direction. As per our subject of anxiety and depression Varun, Asur , Shosh, Papyakshama, Rog are the Devata & Asur are responsible for the ailment that are subzones within NW area.

In Vastu Air element dominates at North West direction starting from 270 – 360 degrees of a 360 degree compass format. North West direction is the crux of Air element positioned exactly at 315 degrees that is representation of Planet Chandra responsible for our mental well being and intuitional powers

Largely West as well as North west directions are seats of Shani and Chandra. In case of any imbalance in the energy of Shani and Chandra, all or any one of the residents within that space will be suffering from depression and intense pain that can be mental or physical. 

North West direction promotes a positive mood and supports a relaxing and playful environment. Entire Air element comprises of Saturn, Moon and Mercury and is collectively called as zone of creativity, care and reproduction are attributes of this direction and have a major impact on Ladies or males who are more sensitive.

Depresion can make you feel more introspective or anxious.

A full moon can make you go from loving to combative very easily. A full moon can make you more prone to violent behavior or lack of sleep, which can then affect your mood

Since Vedic era diffusion is the most powerful medium of transmission to correct a wrong vastu that already exists; even hawan is also a medium of diffusion where specific herbs are diffused in fire to energize a place or human.

Our ancient scriptures mentions that every deity has a Naivedya (offering) to be pleased with and herbs are best experimented, applied and suited remedies even as per Ayurved, yog and vastu poojan. Herbs are also used for Aushadhi snan (Herbal bath) to compensate loss of any planet as per astrology. 

The aroma of the oils is related of course to it's particular chemical composition, that is, it's molecular makeup. At the molecular level, the vibratory rate of the oils can compliment that of the human energy field or aura. Aroma enters through the olfactory nerve directly to our brain.

Essential oils largely affect the hypothalamus and pituitary gland, which once stimulated release hormones into the body. So if we inhale essential oils with stimulating properties it will produce a response in the appropriate part of the limbic system. 

As a conclusion to treat the depression in body we should look into imbalances in house energy, if possible should opt for remedial process of fixing Vastu energy that indirectly effects your feeling of bless and live happily.

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