Toilet: The new age Demon (Silent Killer)

Toilet the new age Demon (Silent killer)

Vastu is a lifestyle mode and should not be seen as problem solver for problems in life situations or circumstances. Vastu should be practiced as a daily routine which includes cleanliness, sanitation, pleasant smell and all of these contribute in living happily of each and every resident of the house.

Panch tatva is the governing energy accepted worldwide since ages all 5 forms Water, Fire, Earth, Air, Space are source of energy/existence for humans. Within this Air is most powerful medium within the Panchtatva and it is also termed as Praan Urja that is responsible for all the circulations within the body. It is the fastest communicator of cosmic energies surrounding us even the slightest change in smell can b easily felt because that effects human`s through pineal gland and goes directly to the brain.

Instead of your perfect vastu plan your house may be suffering badly of sufficient positive energy that vastu promises to be delivering

Panchtatva are the ever changing and refreshing energies that is required by us effects of seasons or day or night are and therefore every particle or atom gets re-energized and retains its original potency of natural.

Every person has a certain natural smell, based on which a good astrologer can tell about the future of the person. A nice smell tells about the positive future or capabilities of the person, while a bad smell foretells bad luck and incapabilities. Each tone of taste and smell is represented by PanchMahabhoot.

Major problem is toilet or sewage system that enters our houses and we are not even aware of his issue. Toilet the new age Demon (Silent killer)

It is beautifully placed next to our beds thinking of all comforts and luxuries but the effect that a toilet adds to the energy of any house can have deadly results and the people are not even aware of it. Not only toilet even any Shower drain, Kitchen, Drainage chambers, Basin drainage hole is harmful to humans and practically speaking we cannot do without it. 

It could be dangerous because of other gases that can be present in sewer systems. Methane is the largest cause of sewer smell but there is also danger of hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, ammonia, nitrogen oxides and sulfur dioxide. If untreated toilet can lead to headaches, weakness, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, loss of coordination, loss of consciousness and even suffocation.

Drainage is the source to take out energy from the building but it also brings in bad energy sourced from sewage of main drainage as well as being connected to the city drainage. It is constantly harming the house energy. Cosmic energy imbalance is caused by the toilet because a foul smell formed by imbalance in several planetary compositions and therefore a toilet causes multiple element or multiple planetary imbalance of the entire are at the same time. 

As per Vastu shastra guidelines Bhringaraj is the demon son of Nairuti within in the vastu mandal who is responsible for ending a phase and so is the job of toilet. It is mentioned in books. It is 190 – 210 degrees SW of any vastu floor plan. This is just 20 degrees of margin and practically speaking for recent 2 BHK & 3BHK Flats it is very difficult or almost impossible to construct a toilet for entire house within that zone. Thus all efforts are wasted if toilet is placed in a wrong direction. So it is always advisable to hav a well positioned toilet or you should make required corrections as per structural vastu and to harmonize the foul smell as well.


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