Pesticides effect Hotel Vastu Energy - Case study

Case Study: Varanasi 12.4.2019

During my Aroma Vastu visits I have encountered several cases where energies were seen depleting as soon as pest control was applied. In one of such cases at a hotel in Varanasi I applied radiation neutralizing, zone lifting, did complete entrance correction. After all correction I always do a remote analysis from my office using scanners/dowsers.

It was not less than a surprise that at 11am energies were very nice 110% -120% positive energies were all zones were balanced, but after 2 hrs 1pm energies were merely 20% positive, entire building was lack of energies, I was shocked to record these readings, but I took readings for next 3 days the same patterns followed, on 4th day I myself visited the hotel to notice the abnormal change. While was analyzing the entire structure with scanner suddenly I noticed a dip in the readings of the scanner using positive energy sample. On further investigation I saw the man from pest control was spraying the chemical all around the lobby as well as corridors, also in each and every room that has been checked out recently.

For the next few days I continued recording energies of the hotel as well as the staff members and draw a conclusion that the pesticides that are used in any form, that may be in form of pest control, mosquito repellent, floor cleaners etc do damage the manipura chakra of the persons residing in the building.

A pesticide is a substance used to kill feral animals, insects, fungi, or plants which have been produced in laboratories. Some pesticides are quite hazardous, as they can be harmful to humans and other living beings.


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