Vastu Hawan, Naivedyam to Devata & Gandh (Fragrance)

Vihar or surroundings draws positive energy as per the Vastu Shastra and consultants who have been practicing Vastu for decades. Factors like a building's location, size, entrance gates, colors that are chosen for the interior designing, lightening, and the artifacts that are placed in each room, help in forming energy in the air that resonates with the success and prosperity the resident seeks.


However, with professional and personal life commitments, many of us have left the primary pillar to build the energy inside our homes and offices. That is, the Hawan (sacred fire), which seems like a thing of the past.

Though it's our duty to bring to your knowledge that the Hawan is solely and primarily responsible for protecting the house and its residents from negative energies and accelerating harmony inside, in every nook and corner.

Further to laud the importance of fragrances/Essential oils in vastu energy in a particular surrounding, Vedic texts have mentioned many shloks. Out of that, 3 shloks from Mayamatam and Rig Ved, in the Activation of Brahmasthan as well as Invitation/Invocation of Devi Mahalakshmi the goddess of prosperity, are narrated below:

देवानां स्वपदस्थानां बलिकर्म विधीयते ।

सामान्याहत्यमार्गेण ब्रह्मादीनां यथाक्रमम्।

गन्धमाल्यैश्च धूपेन पयसा मधुसर्पिषा पायसौदनलाजैश्च ब्रह्मस्थानं समर्चयेत् ।।

Maymatam Chapter 8, Balikarm

1st shlok invites the residents and the prayer speakers to perform the pooja and naivaidya (offering) to the Gods we believe in, sequentially. As per the 2ndshlok, the proper order of Devata is given in detail to worship. It starts with Brahmasthan Devata.

The paraphernalia required would be a smell, garland, incense, milk, honey, ghee, kheer, and cereals. Also, the accoutrement offering the smell should be placed and offered prior to the rest to begin the success pooja of Brahmasthan.

गन्धद्वारांदुराधर्षांनित्यपुष्टांकरीषिणीम् ।


Rig Ved: Shri suktam 9th shlok

By way of fragrance as a doorway in eliciting presence of Mahalakshmi one who can be accessed only through fragrance where there is no unpleasant smell, or decay there will be some perfume of nature pervading the entire universe, indicating the wellbeing and prosperity of that place/person.

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