Kunwar Sawhney has authored an authentic work on Essential oils titled “Aroma Vastu', being a fully illustrated book, with 280 pages and around 150 simple, clear and easy to interpret drawings, illustrations, sketches. With shlokas, old school theories & reference from old texts such as Mayamatam, Smarangsutradhar, RajVallabh VastuShastram and many more.

This book received commendation from the scholarly world who has taken career as professional vastu consultants who learn it through online vastu classes and recorded videos by founder of Aroma Vastu Dr.Kunwar Sawhney at www.kashiacademy.org  It is the easiest vastu correction that can be learnt in 3-4 days, the process of installation of remedy in homes or offices is quick with long lasting results.

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This book is best understood by the serious and trained student and practitioner of Vastu science. It explains the science of using essential oils with a prolonged effect that can last not less than 15-20 years and using them as actual remedy for structural, telluric or cosmic correction purposes.

Aroma Vastu is not merely a method, but a definite science in itself. This Aroma Vastu book has made an excellent effort to establish this fact. The book attempts to highlight the principles of Vastu science and its application in balancing energy of built environment to enhance the quality of life.

Latest researches in vastu & numerology are well explained with new age challenges of application of remedy in homes or vastu of commercial buildings, this is a professional guide of Practical application by architects, interior designers, Healers who can easily learn to deal with zone Cut – extension, wrongly positioned toilet or kitchen and perform the most difficult vastu corrections that was a fear and was advised to demolish.

This book is a blessing for new age vastu consultants.

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