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Raja Ram Chandra also belonged to Surya-Vansh.
Siya ram spray is an offering to Sun being King of Gods, and a Naivedya for planet sun, a good energized Planet Sun or East direction creates mental Peace and confidence.

मृगमद चंदन कुंकुम कीचा। मची सकल बीथिन्ह बिच बीचा।।
Doha 194.4 Baal Kand, Ramcharitmanas

At the time of Raja Ram`s birth there was mud of musk, sandalwood and saffron in the streets Ayodhya. Saffron and sandal are considered to be the world’s most expensive oils.

Siya Ram spray Energizes all directions, and is safe to use in any vastu direction. It specially addresses 90 degrees East direction Aditya as per PadViniyas Vastu Mandal.

Made from pure essential oils, safe for all ages.

How to use:
Use twice daily
One spray on floor, corner of each room, increase number of sprays for stronger and long-lasting effect.

Special research product compatible with remedies of Astrology, Reiki, Sound Healing, Tarot etc.

A life force Vastu Shastra Energy which is a vital resource of development in every sphere of human life Health, wealth, relationships, Spirituality.

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